2015 Broken Arts Music Awards

The Joint was presented with 3 awards at this years BAMA's, a local music awards show put on by Broken Arts based in Oshawa, ON. The show took place on Saturday February 28. We would just like the share this with you and express our gratitude to all those involved and that voted.

Song of the Year - Industry Dolls
Album of the Year - BitterSweet
Performance of the Year - July 18 2014 The Moustache Club

The Boys are Back in Town!

We're home safe from the awesome "All Dolled Up" North American Tour! We are very happy with the experience we had on our first tour! There are a lot of people that helped make that happen and some proper thank you's and updates on what we're doing next will come soon.

Quickly we'd like to extend our thanks and appreciation to all of the new fans, bands, and great people we met on the road. We look forward to seeing you again sometime and hope you'll stick with us! We're stoked we could bring "BitterSweet" across Canada and the U.S. this fall! 


Hey everyone, we're in Sante Fe, NM right now heading out to Denver, CO for our show tonight. The tour has been great, we have been blessed with a smooth trip so far and hopefully this last week continues the same way. We have met a lot of great people on the road, seen a lot of great things and been fortunate enough to have lots of people to help along the way. For daily updates on what we're doing please keep posted on our Facebook and Twitter pages!



The Joint will embark on their first extensive North American tour beginning October 23 in Thunder Bay, ON. It will see them cross the country to Vancouver, British Columbia, down the west coast of the United States to Los Angeles, California and home again! We're very excited to share this news and get on the road in support of our new album BitterSweet! More details will be revealed in the coming weeks, check the "Tour" page for a full list of dates.

The new thejointband.com

Welcome to the new website for all things The Joint! We're excited to finally have this up and running as we've been busy. With the release of our new album "BitterSweet" and a whole lot of live dates there will be lots of us to see and hear! We are still filling in all of the content and information on the site but everything should be up to speed shortly. In addition to the official website, you can keep up to date with the most current info on Facebook and Twitter